The Modern Optical Experience

Glasses are truly an accessory that allow personal expression and style! Our opticians make choosing the right eyewear a fun experience and an adventure in function and fashion.

Originally growing up in Spain and Sweden, the owners of AVC bring a distinct modern, European flare to our unique optical. With influences from the centers of fashion abroad, we carry a spectrum of the latest lines and materials. From the light and durable Silhouette, to bold and fun and business professional, we have the look to suit. Discover Tucson’s premier line of fashionable, quality glasses frames with a variety of selections at all price points for the whole family.

We live in a wonderfully bright and warm climate, but it can also do us harm without the right protection. Sunglasses are more than just stylish, they may be our only defence against damaging UV rays that can contribute to wrinkles, retinal melanomas, early cataracts and macular degeneration. Our collection of _______________________Oakley, Nike, Kate Spade, and DITA includes stunning sunwear you will look your best in, while ensuring your eyes are protected. For the most practical solution, ask our opticians about transitions, which automatically get dark within under a minute and become totally clea indoors in a snap.  We carry the driving glasses that even darken behind the wheel.

We are specialists in helping children find the glasses they will be confident and even excited to wear every day. We will ensure they are comfortable and safe, using only impact resistant lenses in our children’s eyewear to protect their precious eyes and scratch resistant coatings for lenses that go the extra mile for your child.

How often are you bothered by reflections of the asphalt or metal surfaces in the Tucson sunshine, or glare and halos from oncoming headlights? We carry glare-free driving lenses with transitions or polarized to filter those bothersome rays, available in both prescription and non-prescription alike.

Do you spend hours looking at a light emitting, digital device? We can fit your lenses with a blue light filter to protect you from the harmful blue light emitted by computers, televisions, and even your smartphone.We have the latest options for non-prescription lenses to enhance your lifestyle.


Finding Our Location

We’re located across from the Foothills mall. From La Cholla blvd, turn east onto foothills mall road. Enter the roundabout and continue straight. We are the first building on the right.


7552 N La Cholla Blvd
Tucson, AZ  85741

Contact Information

Phone: (520) 744-1711
Email: [email protected]

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